Discover the new features that will save you time and improve your calculations

¿Do you want to be more productive in your mathematical calculations?
Get to know the new features of Mathcad Prime 9

Engineering calculations have never been faster and more accurate.

Mathcad Prime 9 is the latest version of the market-leading calculation tool for engineers. With its new enhanced user interface, performance improvements and a variety of new features and operations, Mathcad Prime 9 is the perfect solution for all engineers who need to perform calculations and create formulas quickly, accurately and efficiently.

Features and enhancements to increase your productivity like never before

With PTC Mathcad Prime 9, you’ll have at your fingertips a powerful calculation tool loaded with features and enhancements geared towards you, so you can increase your productivity like never before.

You’ll be able to better organize your worksheet thanks to the text styles, which let you automatically apply the desired formatting to the entire document, without having to manually format headings and subheadings. In addition, you can mark different areas on the worksheet for better organization.

You can easily navigate through large documents and connect notes and calculations throughout the worksheet for effective referencing with internal links and the Go to page option.

The color selection menus have been improved and now include a custom selector, so you can highlight sections of the document or make certain equations and graphs stand out with the colors you want.

In addition, you can now easily convert a mathematical region into a text box by pressing the space bar when typing a new region.

 In summary, PTC Mathcad Prime 9 is the essential calculation tool you need to be more productive and efficient in your daily work, with a large number of improvements and functions oriented to you. Don’t wait any longer and start enjoying all its advantages!

Improved symbolic and numeric engines

PTC has given its new symbolic engine a lot of power, while also improving the numeric engine to offer you more functions and mathematical operations than ever before – now the possibilities are endless! Here are some of the highlights:

  • You will be able to use the gradient operator to obtain the gradient of a scalar function with respect to numeric and symbolic variables.
  • The PDESolve function has been added to the solving block to improve the numerical engine.
  • Solves ordinary differential equations of first and higher order, even if reduced to first order systems.
  • Find symbolic solutions to systems of equations with the Find function.
  • Enjoy new logarithmic and elliptic integral functions.
  • Calculation operators, such as derivatives, limits, integrals and sums, have been enhanced to cover even more use cases.
  • You can now use the «assume» keyword to make assumptions about the results of a function – more control over your calculations than ever before!

You will now be able to save your legacy worksheets to HTML

An option has been added to the legacy worksheet converter to save worksheets as HTML. This will allow you to create a view of legacy Mathcad worksheets before converting them to Mathcad Prime format and refer to that view to help you modify the converted worksheet if necessary.

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