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Latest releases and new products

Don’t miss out on the latest features and capabilities brought by the new versions of our solutions, as well as a host of trends that will help you improve your daily work, be more productive and reduce and save time and costs for your company.

CUPRA Race optimizes the development and manufacturing of components for its automobiles with PTC’s CAD and PLM solutions, achieving high performance


Augmented Reality technology is transforming the way companies design, manufacture, operate and repair products. Find out what benefits it can bring you


With real-time simulation you will be able to evaluate the behavior of your products in different scenarios and solve design problems early on

Our solutions

We advise you and accompany you throughout the process of choosing and implementing the solutions you need

Design solutions

Optimize your product designs and performance to save costs and time, meeting your customers’ requirements


Product lifecycle management

Manage your products from conception to obsolescence from a single platform, providing a transversal service to the entire company


Service lifecycle management

Maximize product uptime for the user and improve operational efficiency and quality of your services


Augmented Reality

Transform the way you design, manufacture, operate and repair your products, bridging the real and virtual worlds


Internet of Things

Connect machines, employees and processes, unlock new data-driven capabilities and make your company more competitive


Sales automation

Automate your sales and quotations achieving a higher quality service, as well as increasing sales and saving time for your team


Project Portfolio Management

Centrally manage your organization’s project portfolio, monitoring and administering available resources in the most optimal manner


Subtractive Manufacturing

Simplify the machining process, increase your shop’s productivity and achieve parts with a more precise and higher quality finish


Additive Manufacturing

Manufacture unique parts and prototypes efficiently and quickly, creating geometries of high complexity and quality

Upcoming industry 4.0 and digital transformation webinars and events

Sign up for upcoming webinars and events to stay informed of all the trends in process automation and business operations, discover the latest news about our solutions, as well as to acquire best practices and optimize your company, facilitate the work of teams and collaboration between departments.

Grants and subsidies for digital transformation

Do you think it is time to implement a change in your company? Would you like to promote digital transformation in your company? Find out about the grants and subsidies available for the digital transformation and automation of companies.


The Digital Kit is a direct aid program for the digitalization of SMEs and the self-employed through a public-private partnership. It is part of Spain’s Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, which regulates the application of the total €140 billion of the European Union’s Next Generation funds.

ACC1Ó will make available vouchers to support the adoption of Industry 4.0, which aim to grant aid for the procurement of diagnostic services and implementation of Industry 4.0 technologies to improve the products, services or processes of small and medium-sized Catalan companies.

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