Makerbot 3D Printer Family: Professional and acccesible 3D Printing


It could be said that 3D printing and additive manufacturing are already well established technologies in companies. Initially the engineering department may have been the only one in need of this new tool, however many other departments are currently also demanding its use.

For this reason, year after year, Makerbot has gone expanding and updating your 3D printer range desktop, covering all the needs required by the companies and the market.

Currently, the Makerbot family offers a fairly extensive catalogue of alternatives, ranging from small volume 3D desktop printers (Repliator Mini and Replicator +) (Replicator Z18), up to the first high performance 3D printer (Method and Method X), thus breaking the barrier between industrial and desktop 3D printing.

In this webinar we will show you:

  • Which 3D printers form the Makerbot family.
  • News family Makerbot.
  • What is the difference between them (Comparative family Makerbot)
  • Which printer best suits each situation.
  • How to know which printer your business needs.


Day: 05 of September
Hora: 10:00-11:00



This webinar is aimed at all those professionals who are interested in manufacturing additives on a small scale and who want to discover which alternative is best for their product, project, department, business, etc.


Which 3D printers make up the Makerbot Family Comparative Makerbot Which printer best suits each situation Which printer needs your business

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