Explore how ThingWorx can optimize your next development project.

ThingWorx is the industry’s leading platform for industrial innovation that has been designed to quickly deliver IIoT and augmented reality experiences (AR) that release the value of the convergence between the physical world and the digital world.

ThingWorx, from the software manufacturer PTC, is the first IoT platform that is made available to companies to enter the market for machine communication applications (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) for Smart Connected Products.


ThingWorx Features:

ThingWorx Composer

ThingWorx Composer is a application modeling environment that covers the entire process from start to finish. It allows to build applications easily by helping companies to provide solutions for the connected world.

Mixtures without code

ThingWorx offers a mixture constructor without code, so that companies can build fully scalable IoT applications without the need to write code thanks to the “drag and drop” technology used by the platform.

Integration Hub

ThingWorx Integration Hub provides a integration framework where physical and digital information converge to enable the innovation of new applications and business processes.

ThingWorx Benefits:

La platform IoT Thingworx allows companies to provide value in an efficient way thanks to its complete application design, execution and intelligence environment. This allows them to develop their solutions in a fast and without complications, saving time, costs and risks thanks to the characteristics of the platform:

  • Speed implementation 10 times faster thanks to model based development
  • Complete and modern platform
  • scalability making your application evolve and grow over time
  • Flexibility allowing you to implement the application in your own way
  • Combination of people, machinery and systems


In addition, ThingWorx IoT Platform has ThingWorx Machine Learning, which offers advanced analysis capabilities to ThingWorx developers, and ThingWorx Marketplace, providing a sales environment to developers.

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