Consultancy PLM

In Integral PLM Experts we offer a service of high quality in consultancy, allowing to the companies to improve his processes of design of product and the management of the cycle of engineering and production.

Thanks to the technology PTC we are capable of offering the offer most adapted for every case especially, increasing this way the profitability of his company.

We provide specialized advice. Our professionals use as support to the companies, helping them to generate specific solutions to his internal problems, by means of a methodology of work practical and orientated to the attainment of aims established before with the clients.

Likewise, we offer him a review of his methods of work, formation to new employees and all our experience working with the most innovative companies of the world.


We help our clients to optimize his efforts of innovation across the Product Lifecyle Management (PLM). Methodology based on the qualit standards.

By means of the adoption of practical improvements in the management of projects and management of the configuration our clients obtain:

  • To reduce the times of launch of new products.
  • To reduce the times of industrialization for application of the collaborative engineering and reduction of physical prototypes.
  • To facilitate the update of information of product and processes according to the needs of the business.

By means of the incorporation of practical improvements in the management of the process of design, the management of the configuration and the classification of components, our clients manage:

  • To obtain the control of the configuration of the product.
  • To obtain the structure of product of 150 % with Mechanical, Electrical WBS and Software.
  • To obtain changes of Engineering with analysis of impact.

By means of the incorporation of practical improvements in the management of structure of product, the management of the configuration and the incorporation of digital planes our clients:

  • They improve competitivamente in the cost reduction of development and manufacture of product.

From Integral PLM Experts we identify the specific needs of the companies and realize the development of strategic expositions that will help our clients to have a major competitiveness inside the sector or the industry in the one that is unrolled.

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