Systems Engineering

Management of the complexity of the product with System Engineering 

The products, of almost all the industrial sectors, are turning in intelligent, connected and partly of a system system. The practice of the systems engineering must adapt to approach the challenges that this increasing level of complexity transports and to overcome the barriers that prevent the success.

In Engineering, the companies, they must modernize his approach of development of products with very much software and with differentiation of software to continue being competitive and innovative. The suggested solution is to return to design the development of products to promote a multidisciplinary process and collaborator of Systems Engineering. It is possible to assure him that systems engineering is the engineering of the transdisciplinariedad. It integrates other disciplines and groups of speciality in an effort of equipment, forming a process of centered development.

Systems engineering does not approach only the PLM (management of the life cycle of product) rather it is a question of tools to control, to manage and to integrate the life cycle of system development of software in the environment PLM.

Our solutions for systems engineering allow to the companies to knock down the barriers that separate the equipments of engineering software, mechanics and electricity company, which improves the collaboration and, in last term, allows to throw to the market more innovative products.

The companies that extend his competitions and knowledge to plan, to realize and to manage projects of system development will be capable of:

  • To enable a holistic design of systems to define and to communicate how there interact indeed the products, the users and his environments.
  • To manage the requirements through to assure that there are fulfilled the needs of the clients and the qualit expectations.
  • To design lines of products to offer variation and to optimize the common use and the reutilization.
  • To approach the quality from the beginning, validating and checking both the requirements and the designs.
  • To share recommended practices.

Our solutions for systems engineering help to the companies to design more innovative products with an approach of collaboration of Systems Engineering based on models; to validate that the products fulfill the requirements and follow the processes of recommended practices, what they allow them to reduce the risk and to enable the innovation.

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