Founded in 1968, IMEM Elevators is a Santander design company manufacture, installation and maintenance of all types of elevators. It is also one of the most important lift manufacturers in Europe, operating both nationally and internationally, in more than 65 countries.

It should be mentioned that IMEM is also a technology center permanently dumped in the progress and the I+D. Its innovations have brought important achievements to the lift sector in terms of efficiency, space saving, robustness, durability and comfort.


PTC Windchill: Documentary management, version control, real time data entry, task management, project history, workflows and quality management.

This enterprise collaboration software is fast, secure and requires only a Web browser for access, and allows companies to simplify product development processes and provide exceptional physical goods and information products.



Benefits that IMEM Lifts has achieved thanks to the implementation of PTC Windchill:

  • Major control over the life cycle of your products.
  • Greater flexibility and agility when working.
  • Improvement of traceability in processes.
  • Major control of the documentation.
  • Ease at share information.
  • Automation of the usual tasks .
  • Better coordination and operation between different departments.

This translates into quality improvement at all levels.


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