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Figueras is a pioneering company that one dedicates to the manufacture of seats taking as a point of item the innovation, the design and the engineering. Nowadays they have presence in more than 130 countries and possess more than 40.000 projects to his backs, turning into specialists capable of combining the handcrafted quality with the industrial efficiency. Figueras Design Centre is the manager of the models create and to design. His principal mission is real makes the ideas that the architects conceive for his works, creating author’s armchairs that answer to the aesthetic and functional needs of every project.


PTC Windchill: Documentary management, control of versions, item of real time information, management of tasks, historical of the project, workflows and qualit management.

PTC Creo: Software of design and simulation of mechanical projects in 2D and 3D. High performance in surfaces, complex modeling and imported geometry.

MakerBot: he is a world leader in printers 3D of office. It offers solutions of impreesión 3D for professionals and educators.



Benefits that it has obtained thanks to PTC’s implantation Windchill and PTC Creo and to the acquisition of the printer MakerBot Z18:

  • PTC Creo it helps them to design and shape the idea.
  • PTC Windchill it manages the project and allows that the whole world should have access to the updated information.
  • The printer MakerBot Z18 it allows them to realize prototypes to scale in an alone impression or pieces that, later, will be assembled up to obtaining the final prototype.
  • With the printer MaberBot Z18 the equipment of design is capable of creating a piece, to send it to the printer and that to a little time is ready to try, everything without going out of the same enclosure. This grants to Figueras a competitive incredible advantage with regard to his competition, thanks to the flexibility and confidentiality that supposes a methodology of work as this one.


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