Solutions of Design (CAD)

Design of complex products

The effective design and the optimization of sophisticated products is a constant challenge.

These challenges worsen for the use of tools incompatible CAD, the disability to re-use the information of product design later and with the widespread equipments, as well as the difficulty of collaborating between the engineers. To support the competitiveness on the current market, the organizations need new ways of solving these challenges.

Our solutions allow to the companies to optimize his products by means of the creation of digital prototypes. This includes the concepts and styles of initial products, I design 2D and 3D, simulation and analysis, and calculations of engineering.


The manufacturers seek for new ways of reducing the costs of development, of identifying and eliminating the mistakes previously in the cycle of design, of increasing the collaboration in the design in all the disciplines and with the members of the widespread equipment, and to optimize the product designs for the costs and requirements of the client. During the last 25 years, PTC has worked with thousands of manufacturers of the whole world to help them to liberate the potential of his product designs.


  • To create, to analyze and to validate the complete definition of the product in the disciplines mechanical and electrical.
  • To design and to optimize products with dispersed equipments of engineering in environments with several systems CAD.
  • To eliminate mistakes and rework on having re-used the information of development of products later.
  • To eliminate redundant systems and to consolidate the tools.

The tools CAD have dealed a notable advance in the last years, up to the point of which they can be considered to be sufficiently mature and to be applied of profitable form along the whole process of design and manufacture of a product. The technologies of computer-aided design are contemplated of global and integrated form and the process becomes really effective.

To turn a concept or idea into a product, it splits of two principal processes: design, manufacture and control. The process of design can divide in a stage of synthesis, in which one believes the product where it happens, optimizes and evaluates the created product; finished this stage approaches the manufacture, realizing the planning, the processes and the necessary resources. Finally, there is realized a quality control of the resultant product before going on to the phase of production in chain.

Due to the demand of the market of products increasingly cheap, of major quality and whose life cycle diminishes increasingly, it becomes the implementation of the computers necessary to be able to satisfy these requirements. With the solutions PTC’s CAD/CAM/CAE one manages to reduce costs, to increase the quality and to reduce the time of design and production. These three factors are vital in the competitiveness of the companies.

Design, manufacture and control

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