The sales configurator adapted to Industry 4.0

Capture the know-how of your best product experts and offer your sales team everything they need to increase sales

What is IntegralSoft Sales Configurator?

IntgeralSoft Sales Configurator is a solution that allows you to create complete and automated commercial quotation with multiple possibilities and combinations. Once the order is placed, IntgeralSoft Sales Configurator generates a complete bill of material that can be sent to Windchill PLM, the ERP, and other systems.

It is a tool designed especially for the commercial department. The sales team can prepare quotations autonomously and simply, without the support of the technical department.

Offer to your sales team everything they need to increase sales

Selling complex or highly configured products is difficult. Your sales team needs to understand the customer’s needs and translate them into a valid quotation that is attractive and profitable for your company.

IntegralSoft Sales Configurator masters this complexity, so it will be much simpler for your team to configure, design and sell your products.

IntegralSoft Sales Configurator offers options to configure, allowing your commercials without technical knowledge solve by themselves certain customer queries, with Engineering savings time.



Capture the know-how of your best product experts

IntegralSoft Sales Configurator’s powerful commercial configuration engine captures the knowledge of your best product specialists and makes it available to your entire sales team.

Even newly contracted commercials, distributors and partners can quickly offer the best solution without the help of experts in the field.

Save time, resources and money with the new commercial configurator developed by Integral Software Factory.

A faster quote process

In IntegralSoft Sales Configurator, the detailed quotes with the supporting documentation are generated automatically. This accelerates the quotation process drastically and eliminates errors.

Get more information on how to generate sales budgets more quickly, without having to depend on the technical department.


IntegralSoft Sales Configurator features:

Online configuration

Guided product selection

Multi device

Multi language

Generation documents quotations and orders

Automatic calculations

Management of the sale process

Integration with other systems

What does IntegralSoft Sales Configurator offer to the sales department?

Help your customers understand their needs and convert them into requirements can be used to calculate a personalized product configuration.

Translate the purchase wishes and the requirements of non-technical products into the technical specifications of the product.

Evaluate all the customer’s needs and the relevant attributes of the product to find the optimal solution.

Advise your client and build confidence in the products offered, turning potential customers into buyers.

How does IntegralSoft Sales Configurator work?

  • Access with your username and password.
  • Create a new quotation for the customer.
  • Choose from the available options.
  • Add the chosen options.
  • Automatically the costs and margins will be calculated.
  • Get the quotation, the list of components and the displayable of the configuration made.
  • You will be able to manage the entire sales process.
  • Check your quoation history.
  • Reconfigure the quotation.
  • Automatic generation of material lists and manufacturing plans without engineering department help.

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