Retail Sector

Manage better the time. Development of top products

Our solutions for the sector of sector of clothes, footwear and complements it allows to the companies to implement rapidly practices recommended of the sector developed with leading companies and to obtain value with rapidity by means of software preconfigurado and ready to use. They provide in addition visibility across merchandising, of the design, of the development of product and of the chain of supply to maximize the speed, agility, efficiency.

With the implantation of these solutions it can obtain:

  • Increase of 50 % of successes in the design
  • Reduction of 45 % of time of commercialization
  • Reduction of 3 % to 5 % in the cost of the material
  • Improvements of productivity between 20 % and 30 %


  • Reduction of the time of the cycle of development: it guarantees the launch of products according to the programmed and the advantages of market share for the first one in coming
  • Major quality: it stimulates the value of brand and the loyalty of the client, and allows top prices
  • Major efficiency and process optimization: it stimulates the productivity of the equipment and improves the extent of the portfolio
  • Improvement of the normative conformity for segments of market like the products of consumption: he assures the fulfillment of the obligations as REACH and the safety law of the products of consumption (Consumer Products Safety Act)
  • Reduction of the cost of direct material: it increases the margins and the contribution of benefits
  • More rapid obtaining of value: it allows a more rapid implementation with practices recommended of the sector

Our solutions for this sector include:

  • Merchandising and planning on line.
  • Material, Color, Art and Development
  • Development of the concept and creative design.
  • SKU Management and Specifications.
  • Origin.
  • Quality and compliance.
  • Portal Supplier.
  • Mobility.
  • Functioning of the company, safety and scalability.

Our complete technology transforms the way that the chain of retail value plans, designs, develops and supplies the products in collaboration , eliminating the redundant tasks and taking advantage of the first technology of the sector to liberate more time for the creativity and to turn rapidly the top ideas into profitable products.

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