Software of management of content and processes proved in production

So much if it is a question of a multinational, a regional supplier or a small office of services, it must overcome obstacles on having tried to manage the content of the products and the processes of development. The success of his company is based in having managerial effective processes and the effective development of the assets of complex information, which include the product design, the documentation of services and the presentation of information in fulfillment of the regulation. Windchill, the software of management of content and processes for PTC’s production, offers a solution.

This software of managerial collaboration is rapid, sure and there needs only an explorer Web for the access, and allows to the companies to simplify the processes of development of products and to provide physical goods and exceptional products of information.

PTC Windchill offers complete presentations to help the manufacturers to manage his products during all the phases of the life cycle. His effective architecture of high performance, 100 % in web base, has been designed for the current global environment. As central store for all the virtual information of the product, PTC Windchill helps to the companies to increase the productivity and to improve the quality and the performance of the production. You can combine the power of the collaboration and PTC’s control Windchill with several tools ECAD/MCAD, the control of products and processes, as well as with the platform ERP of his company.

Functions and advantages:

  • The only origin of information of products or content, it allows the efficiency of the development and reduces the mistakes and the repetition of works.
  • The complete presentations of definition of products and collaboration drive of expert form to the comprehension of the information in the whole company, independently of the origin.
  • The support and the integral and repeatable automation of the processes accelerates the term of commercialization and reduces the cost of development.
  • The sure and similar Internet architecture to the standards of the sector, it provides a platform of sure technology and of high performance.

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