The unique solution to optimize your engineering calculations

Mathcad Prime 9 presents important improvements in terms of application, symbolic and numerical engines, and usability. Discover what’s new!

Solve, analyze and share vital engineering calculations quickly and easily

PTC Mathcad is the single solution for solving, analyzing and sharing vital engineering calculations. Presented in an easy-to-use interface, the instantly updatable mathematical notation, unit information and powerful calculation features enable engineers and design teams to capture and communicate crucial design and engineering knowledge.


  • Natural mathematical notation
  • Document design intent
  • Effortless sharing and reuse

Capture and communicate crucial design and engineering knowledge

Presented in an easy-to-use interface, the instantly updatable mathematical notation, unit information and powerful calculation features enable engineers and design teams to capture and communicate crucial design and engineering knowledge.

What sets PTC Mathcad apart is its ease of use. In fact, it is the first solution that allows users to solve and document engineering calculations simultaneously in a single, reusable worksheet, which can be easily saved or converted to a variety of formats. PTC Mathcad’s intuitive interface combines instantly updatable standard mathematical notation, text and graphics in a presentable format that enables knowledge capture, reuse and design verification to improve product quality.

With PTC Mathcad ELISAVA students are able to solve, analyze and share all engineering calculations vital to their projects.

PTC Mathcad PrimeFeatures

PTC Mathcad does what spreadsheets, word processors, presentation software and programming applications simply can’t do: it puts powerful calculation capabilities into a user-readable format. It integrates instantly updated, user-readable calculations with graphics, text and images into a single, professionally presented, interactive document. This ease and familiarity of an engineering notebook enables exploration, validation and verification of designs, and unambiguous communication of crucial engineering information. You do not need to be a PTC Mathcad expert to read and understand PTC Mathcad documents.

Units management

Ensures completeness and accuracy of results by including explicit units in all calculations. Displays results in the chosen units.

Complete documentation

PTC Mathcad allows you to present calculations and designs by integrating instant update mathematics, text, graphics and images into one complete document.

Excel Component

Easily use data from existing spreadsheets. It will allow you to simplify your tasks.


Create templates that include all content and use them as the basis for new worksheets.

Advanced numerical notation

New functions that are up to 100 times faster, offer greater capacity and return the result in a simpler format to work with.

3D graphics

Many complex models require 3D views to better understand designs and data. Create 3D polar, contour and surface plots…

Numerical and symbolic calculations

Automate the process of integrating numerical and symbolic calculations by setting up the correct form of the formula before entering the numbers.


Write and integrate your own functions, and customize the environment to suit your needs. Unlimited ability to define your own functions.

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