With Creo 5.0 it will be able to stimulate his ideas, to make them more powerful and to take them to the real world more rapid than anybody before

PTC Creo, software rewarded of design CAD 2D and 3D of the family PTC, is an extendable and compatible set of applications of product design, which it helps to the companies to face the challenges of development of product allowing them to innovate more rapidly and to compete efficiently on the market. It is based on PTC’s fundamental technologies: PTC Creo it offers value without precedents to the organizations that develop products and innovative technologies that solve the problems not decisive CAD 2D and 3D. It allows to all the persons of the company to contribute in the process of development of product, making them more efficient. Creo Parametric/ Creo Elements Direct/Creo View.

PTC Creo It offers value without precedents to the organizations that develop products and innovative technologies that solve the problems not decisive CAD 2D and 3D. It allows to all the persons of the company to contribute in the process of development of product, making them more efficient

PTC Creo it liberates the potential of the equipments of design and production giving free rein to the creativity, facilitating the teamwork, increasing the efficiency and offering added value.

Functions and Advantages:

  • Improvement of the user’s experience.
  • It offers new presentations multi-CAD.
  • It simplifies processes of work and offers improvements in shaped basic and the tools of analysis.
  • It offers better graphical presentations.
  • It possesses specific functionalities for the design of parts for his later impression in 3D.
  • It includes the Reality Increased to the process of design allowing to see the design in context before the manufacture of prototypes.
  • It includes Unite Tecnology to solve the challenges of working with information of different systems CAD. (Catia, SW, NX, Solid Edge, Inventor, Autocad).

If already it has installed PTC Creo in a previous version and it takes the decision to update to PTC® Creo 4.0, possess us to help to optimize the process of update. To help the clients who are going to carry out the update, we have created a list of checking with links to technical articles and resources.

Family PTC Creo:

PTC Creo Direct:

PTC Creo Direct  it is an autonomous application that allows to the occasional users of CAD to create new geometry or to modify a design CAD 3D existing with independence of the format of the file. The direct interaction with the geometry facilitates the learning and the use. It turns her into the ideal tool for the persons who devote themselves to the conceptual design, the analysis and the mechanized one or for any other person who has not used before the CAD 3D or who uses it with few frequency.

Provided that to work with PTC Creo Direct it is rapid, flexible and intuitive, the application is perfect for tasks as offers generate, to define the initial design of the subordinations for tools or to catch information of design of the clients who are employed at the field. On having facilitated the collaboration with the whole equipment, the software stimulates the innovation and allows to his company to answer better to the changeable needs of the clients

Functions and advantages

  • Obtain more rapid cycles of design allowing more users the access to information CAD 3D and components of design of third parties and his use.
  • It is allowed to the slightly frequent users of CAD 3D to contribute to the initiatives of development of products.
  • Generate offers of a more rapid and effective form by means of a simpler exploration of alternative concepts of design.
  • Optimize the flows of work CAE providing to the analysts the aptitude to edit information CAD 3D before the analysis and to propose changes of design directly in the model.
  • Improve the efficiency of CAM’s processes providing to the designers of the sets of tools a tool easy to use to edit the information of the models and to create posicionadores and subordinations of mechanized that answer better to his needs of numerical control and to the requirements of design of the sets of tools.

Software of simulation for an effective analysis of the designs:

The software of PTC’s simulation allows to modify the designs with rapidity and facility, to reduce the mistakes, to diminish the weight and to assure the profitability of the processes of mechanized and the choice of materials.

PTC Creo Simulate, o PTC Creo Simulation Extension (an extension of PTC Creo Parametric), It is a solution of structural, thermal analysis and of vibrations with a complete set of presentations that allow to study the performance of the virtual prototypes 3D before creating the first physical piece. It provides a valuable perspective that helps to reduce the time of commercial launch simultaneously that increases the permanence, reliability and safety of the product. PTC Creo Simulate y PTC Creo Simulation Extension reduces the costs of production on having diminished the need of physical prototypes.

Functions and advantages of the simulation:

  • Obtain detailed information that offer information of the royal performance of the product designs.
  • Realize a complete range of analysis of engineering represented by computer (CAE), that they include linear static, modal analyses, bulge, contact and thermal of fixed condition.
  • Increase the quality and the innovation allowing the rapid real time comparison of several iterations and variations of design.
  • Reduce the costs of development reducing the need of physical prototypes.
  • Allow to generate exit of solvers of third parties to validate analysis and increase the extent of the presentations of expert analyses adding the extensions of software of PTC Creo And independent applications.

PTC Creo Illustrate:

PTC Creo Illustrate It combines the presentations of illustration 3D with information associative CAD and offers graphical specific information of the configuration (information that reflects the current design of the product) to use, to repair and to support the products. It allows to the users to create technical illustrations 3D that describe with clarity products and complex procedures.

The software interprets formats heterogeneous CAD and is totally integrated by the products PTC WindchillPTC Creo y PTC Arbortext to provide information 3D rapid and updated as support of the products along his life cycle. Also it can restructure the lists of materials of engineering (LDMi) to create structures of information for the pieces and the procedures of service or with other ends of illustration.

Functions and advantages:

  • Transmit complex information with clarity: he believes animations 3D and describe visually complex procedures of service to facilitate the use.
  • Reduce the costs of translation: replace the text by illustrated procedures stepwise, animations 3D, you list of illustrated pieces and other graphical representations of text.
  • Increase the productivity of the illustrators: automate the management of changes of the illustrations during the whole cycle of information of service supporting an associative link with the files original CAD.
  • Automate the creation of lists of pieces: generate lists of pieces and labels directly from the metadatos CAD to produce lists of dynamic pieces.

Extensions of design 3D:

Accomplishment of direct editions in the models CAD 3D:

PTC Creo Flexible Modeling Extension (FMX) It is a complementary product of PTC Creo Parametric, Created for the engineers of design who need a solution with all the power of a CAD 3D paramétrico and the maximum flexibility to realize changes in any model, PTC Creo FMX it offers the ideal solution: a powerful, easy and rapid set of tools of edition of geometry, which allows to realize the changes that are necessary without losing the intention of the design.

PTC Creo Flexible Modeling Extension (FMX) it combines the simplicity of shaped directly under control of the CAD 3D paramétrico in the accomplishment of changes in the models 3D. This provides the flexibility of incorporating the changes of design realized in the last phases and of re-designing the existing products with more facility without sacrificing the intention of original design. It saves time, since it allows to select the geometry that is wanted to modify in spite of just touching several buttons, and it is not necessary to re-define to reconstruct the model of any form. In addition,PTC Creo FMX  it allows to be employed in a more effective way at an environment with several systems CAD by means of the recognition of the intention of design, as the redondeos and bevels of engineering, and the bosses of all the imported, included models those who do not contain information paramétrica integrated.

Functions and advantages:

  • To improve the changes realized in the last phases of the design and the redesign of the existing products.
  • To add new intentions of design preserving the characteristics paramétricas existing.
  • To use the recognition of forms and the geometric rules to select the entities that must be modified in spite of just touching several times, instead of having to select every surface separately.
  • Changes realize with facility in information of not native CAD, which includes the import of information without integrated intelligence.
  • To simplify the geometry of the models for the later processes of engineering of a rapid and simple form.

Exploration and evaluation of multiple ideas of design in a sure and manageable environment before confirming definitive decisions:

PTC Creo Design Exploration Extension (DEX) It is a dedicated tool that allows the rapid and simple investigation of alternatives of conceptual design in the environment paramétrico. By means of ” points of control “, PTC Creo DEX It eliminates the need to manage several versions of information and allows to the designers to alternate without difficulties between branches of design.

Rapid and simple exploration of different methodologies of design:

PTC Creo Design Exploration Extension (DEX) It allows to the users to evaluate alternatives of design with rapidity and efficiency, and to determine the approach of shaped more cash. In addition, if the user explores a route PTC Creo® Design Exploration Extension exploration and evaluation of multiple ideas of design in a sure and manageable environment before confirming definitive decisions of design but it determines that it is not the most effective, can revert the process up to a ” point of control ” guarded previously without the model has to return to create completely. When evolucionario supports a process of conceptual design, PTC Creo DEX It shortens the process of work from weeks to days.

Evaluation of multiple concepts of design:

The modification of the design of a product and the exploration of new ideas is a technical challenge, specially in the development of complex systems with many interdependent components. In general, this process involves the copy of manual safety of the models in specific folders, a session of continuous closings and cleanlinesses, as well as the consultation and review manuals of the iterations up to the capture of a decision. PTC Creo DEX It helps in the process of changing, of designing and evaluating new designs with an innovative, effective and intuitive tool directed specifically this end.

Principal advantages:

  • Explore changes of design safely without risking the original designs to confirm no change.
  • Develop simultaneously different ideas and evaluate all the options before taking decisions.
  • Eliminate the manual duplication of information and the heavy cleanliness of session of load repeated of different versions.
  • Examine points of control of exploration in a ” tree of decisions ” for the interactive review of the design.
  • Alternate without effort between ideas of design.

Presentations and specifications:

  • He believes instantaneous copies of safety of all the models who are going to be explored by the possibility that the user returns to the point of item.
  • Capture incremental changes.
  • Alternate to the instant between points of control.
  • Divide the designs in different directions:
  • Change between points of control guarded
    • He believes new points without losing information.
    • There uses an unlimited number of “divisions” of the design in the points of control to explore and to evaluate different ideas of design.
  • Guard the content of the exploration in the only file ciphered and compressed with ends of documentation and future use.

Compatibility with platforms and requirements of the system:

  • Visit the page of PTC’s support to see the most current information about compatibility with platforms and requirements of the system. To obtain more information, visit http: // www.ptc.com/product/creo/or put in touch with a sales representative of PTC.

To simplify the shaped one of big sets:

Much does not need in order that an assembly become “big”. Even a product that it fits in the palm of the hand can contain up to 100 pieces – products like clocks or medical devices. If those parts are complex, they can clog the system and the resources human so easily as any large-scale model. The things become furthermore complex when is added to the script an equipment of designers who want to be employed simultaneously at the design. For the organizations that seek to increase the productivity of the equipments of design , PTC Creo Advanced Assembly Extension (AAX) He supports the best presentations of simultaneous engineering. with PTC Creo AAX, The information of crucial design can be shared by every member of the equipment, which allows them to realize the tasks simultaneously being employed at the context of the complete set. In addition, it offers multitude of specialized functions that facilitate enormously the design and the management of complex designs. With the specific tools to share information, descending design (as the models of skeleton), configuration of sets and process planning of assembly, PTC Creo AAX it provides an environment optimized for the design of sets.

  • Functions and advantages:

  • Enable a more effective simultaneous engineering sharing functions of geometry, rules of configuration and other information CAD between the members of the equipment of design.
  • Improve the performance of the sets with a process improved of descending design that it allows to design with more rapidity and facility.
  • He believes schemes and models of skeleton to document and to control designs of sets.
  • Simplify the customization of sets managing and sharing crucial information of engineering to create variants of design with efficiency.
  • Develop with more facility plans of processes and planes of sets to accelerate the creation of detailed and manual instructions of manufacture of service.

PTC Creo Piping ans Cabing Extension

The mechanical traditional products are increasingly complex due to his major dependence of the electrical and hydraulic technology. The systems of control also advance to an impressive speed, which forces the designers of products to give great more attention to the electrical requirements and of fluids. All that means that the designers face to ruteados of pipelines and more complicated cables, which priority traditionally has been a minor in the product design.

To be successful, the designers must consider the electrical design and of fluids an important priority and a more integral part of the process of detailed design. But, with the increase of the complexity of the products and the continuous reduction of the period, where will he find the time and the tools to design these ruteados increasingly complex?

Flexible design of surfaces of free form:

PTC Creo Interactive Surface Design Extension (ISDX) It offers the best integration between design 3D and engineering. Thanks to the combination of the power of modeling paramétrica with the flexibility of free form, now it can create complex curves with free forms and surfaces directly inside an only one, intuitive and interactive environment of design.

PTC Creo Interactive Surface Design Extension (ISDX) It allows to incorporate tools of surface creation of free form into the technical functions of surface design that it includes PTC Creo Parametric. Thus, his equipment of design and engineering product can develop product designs with a better aesthetics and more functional. On having combined the potential of the shaped one paramétrico with the flexibility of the surface design of free form in the same user’s intuitive interface, PTC Creo ISDX  it allows to create geometry of free form in any point of the project of design, using the restrictions that are wished. This flexibility does that it is easier for the equipment of product design to repeat concepts of design with rapidity and to offer more innovative and stylized product designs that they can put to his company in a really competitive position.

  • Functions and advantages:

  • Design surfaces and precise curves to obtain sophisticated products and mecanizables.
  • Repeat multiple variations of designs with rapidity with the help of a user’s intuitive interface with 4 conference that it offers feedback real time.
  • Update surfaces and you curl automatically by means of asociatividad it completes, with what it will obtain major precision and fewer cycles of development of products.
  • Be productive with more rapidity and obtain before the return of the investment (ROI) with functions easy to learn that they allow to define curves and surfaces easily.
  • He believes products with a better aspect without risk of mistakes and without sacrificing the control of the design.

Extensions CAM 3D:

Presentations CAD 3D essential in the design and I mold of pieces of plastic

The design of pieces of plastic it is the process and the skill of balancing the exclusive properties of material of the plastic and the requirements of I mold with the characteristics and requirements of the product that is going to be designed.

The industry a use has made an enthusiast of this light material and moldeable to reduce the manufacturing costs, to improve the attraction for the consumer and to reduce everything, from the use of the scanty natural resources up to the quantity of dents in the door of the driver. It is not small for a material that had his first commercial application in the middle of the 19th century.

Even this way, in spite of the promises, it can turn out to be difficult and heavy to work with the plastic, since they know all those who have faced an evil mold or the results of a seemingly chaotic process of injection. For this reason,PTC Creo Parametric It possesses presentations CAD 3D essential of design and I mold of pieces of plastic in order that it could extract the maximum profit of the creative potential of the plastic and obtain the correct piece to the first one. Choose between a wide selection of tools of creation of geometry together with those of basic analysis.

To cut and to give form to the pieces of products by means of fresado, turned and electroerosión for thread:

The machines CNC (numerical control for computer) are machines guided by information CAD instead of for persons. The mechanized one is in use when the pieces need tolerances and ended strict. With the processes of mechanized one gives form to the metal by means of the elimination controlled of material. Mechanized prismatic it cuts a form 3D of an alone time. One of most used is the fresado, which eliminates material. The turned one is what seems: to make turn the piece in a machine named wheel. The electroerosión for thread (EDM) uses thread with electrical load to vaporize material instead of cutting it with traditional methods.

The possibility of controlling these processes, and to integrate them with the software CAD, is crucial for the efficiency, the precision of the pieces and the quality of the product.

Possibility of controlling practically any type of machine CN

PTC Creo Complete Machining Extension (CMX) it offers the engineers of production and the operatives an advanced and complete package of functions of programming CN and libraries of tools for mechanized of production. The result is that now they can create easily an unlimited variety of programs for machines CNC.

To increase the efficiency and the productivity of the design and the tools of molds

A mold is a hollow unit in which material is spilt melted to form a molten piece. The design of molds consists of the analysis, design and adjustment of molds for industrial manufacture. The molds must be able to form the solid piece from the melted material, cool the piece in order that it hardens and to expel her from the mold. The list of ways in which a mold cannot obtain these aims is long and varied.

It is not a surprise that the design of molds affects in a crucial way to the profitability and the quality of the molded pieces and, therefore, of the product. A bad mold can give him this sensation of unease of several forms.

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