PTC | His business is the development of products and his aim is to provide the best solutions of Management of the life cycle of the product (PLM) and Management of managerial content (ECM). PTC has generated, in more than 20 years, solutions for SMEs and big companies of diverse sectors. The expansion of the product groups is the test of his commitment with the excellence.
Stratasys | System manufacturer of impression 3D and materials that allow the designers and manufacturers to produce prototypes and pieces directly from files CAD 3D using thermoplastic materials or photopolymers.. The company is the most wide in the industry and includes more than 100 materials of photopolymer of property based on injection of ink and 10 thermoplastic materials based on MDF of property.
ThingWorx | Creators of a platform rewarded to create and to execute applications for Internet of the things (IoT), ThingWorx is the first platform designed to construct and to execute applications in a connected world. ThingWorx reduces the necessary time, the cost and the risk to construct innovative applications for intelligent and connected products.
DP Tecnology | Supplier and programmer of leading software in the manufacture represented by computer (CAM) for a complete range of applications of machine tool (CNC). ESPRIT, the flagship of all the DP’s products Technology, is a powerful system of programming, of high performance and complete spectrum for machine tools of fresado, turned, electroerosión for thread and multitask..
Luxion | Manufacturer of KeyShot, solution of rendered and animations 3D. Company desarrolladora leading in advanced technology of rendered 3D, animation and lighting in knowledge expert in areas related to the natural lighting, real time technology of rendered and dispersion of the light for materials, between other many effects that do this so versatile tool.
MakerBot | Founded in 2009 it was one of the first companies in doing the Impression 3D accessibly and aseguible to the whole world. World leader in desktop 3D Printing, has the standard of the reliability and facility of use. Acquired as Stratasys in 2013 at present they have the major installed base of Printers 3D of the world.
Materialise | His mission is to innovate in the development of products to have a better and more healthy world, across his infrastructure of software and hardware and a deep knowledge of the Manufacture Aditiva across products and services for the professionals of engineering, professionals and consuming the medical sector.
GO2cam | Created in 2009, GO2cam International, it develops a software CADCAM highly technical and easy to use for mechanical and dental industries. The equipment of research and development strains in offer solutions CADCAM increasingly innovative that help the clients to the optimization of his production.
3Dconnexion | He designs powerful and ergonomic hardware and advanced software of easy managing that are combined to the perfection in order that the work with the applications the most popular CAD turns out to be rapid, comfortable and enterteining. All the mice 3D of 3Dconnesion improve the experience of the professionals of CAD at the moment of working with digital content.
HP | The Consultancy is a system to analyze where we can improve, since we must do it and that we are going to obtain benefits of the changes and the mas importantly which will be the repercussions of these changes. Our consultants are qualified to realize consultancies in the area CAD/CAM/PDM and environment of collaborative design. www.hp.com
Oracle | With more than 380.000 included clients 100 of the ready Fortune 100 – and with deployments in a wide variety of sectors in more than 145 countries of the whole world, Oracle offers a system package of hardware and managerial fullly integrated software that helps the organizations to overcome the complexity and to give free rein to the innovation.
ELISAVA |  He promotes the education, the knowledge, the investigation, the development and the innovation in the area of the design, the engineering and the communication, giving universitary education that prepares his students to reach professional challenges worldwide, stimulating the relation of our community with the managerial fabric, the institutions and the company.
Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña | It is a public institution of top education and investigation, specialized in engineering, architecture and sciences. The UPC has scientific and technological infrastructures that it puts to the service of groups of investigation, centers of investigation, investigators, students, professionals, companies and institutions.
CDEI-UPC | It is a center of technological innovation of the Universitat Politécnica of Catalonia. His aim is to collaborate in the needs of technological innovation and of formation of the manufacturing plants of capital goods, specially to the pymes, to provide them with competitive advantages and them to help in the design and development of capital goods and products.
Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias | It is a Spanish center of investigation internationalized. It possesses two headquarters and two Observatories in an environment of excellent astronomic quality and in his set the Observatory constitutes European North (ENO)
CEFORTEM | The Foundation Center of Formation in Technology, he promotes the studies of vocational training in Osona’s Region, as well as the formation and the recycling of the workers to reach the cultural and professional levels that guarantee a place and stable work. www.cefortem.cat
Instituto Anna Gironella de Mundet | It is a public center placed inside the University enclosure Mundet of the UB, where studies are given of ESO, baccalaureate, formative cycles of average and top degree. Also it operates as school of preparation of entrance tests cycles and PCPI.

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