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Integral Innovation Experts is a company with an extensive experience in the area of the Industry 4.0. Our aim is to provide solutions that help to the companies to achieve and support a competitive advantage in his products and services in a world increasingly intelligently and connected.

In Integral Group we possess specialized subdivisions:


In Integral Innovation Experts we are specialized in solutions and services of industrial engineering.


Leader in software and services of consultancy, implantation and formation of solutions PTC®

integral-3d-printing-empresaSystem distributors of manufacture aditiva Stratasys and of printers MakerBot(3D printing).

integral-iot-experts-printers-empresaWe provide the solution your company needs to meet the challenges of industry 4.0.

ambit-enterprise-solution-empresaExperts in solutions of management of project portfolios (PPM), contractual life cycle and assets(FALM) Oracle.

ansys-empresaANSYS allows to the companies to obtain the best value for the investment in simulation of engineering.

ptc-logo-partnerWe are a center of formation authorized of PTC®, permitting to qualify and to update the competitions of his technical personnel, establishing a major professional development and an ideal performance of the functions inside the company.

More than 27.000 thousand companies in the world endorse the excellence of the technology PTC®, and more than 1200 clients in Spain have benefited from our methodology to reduce costs of design, manufacture and to manage ideally the life cycle of product.

This vision of business, clear and objective allows to solve up to the most minimal problems, perfecting his managerial project, in order that it could fulfill his goals, and could use to the maximum the current resources, which a competitive advantage will give, being anticipated to the future changes.

We possess professionals highly qualified to realize consultancies PLM/CAD/CAM/CAE and collaborative design directed the area of industrial design, technical illustrations, shaped for manufacture in 3D and the management of the life cycle of the product (PLM).

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