Management Life cycle of the Product (PLM)

PLM: increase of the managerial value

The Management of the life cycle of the product (PLM) is an impeller of the success of the development of products and a strategic factor that helps to increase the value of business in the whole company, which stimulates the manufacturers of products to manage interfunctional complex processes by means of the coordination of the work of the equipments distributed to create of coherent and effective form the best possible products.

The principal function of the management of the life cycle of the product (PLM) is to manage the definition of a product from the concept up to the retreat.

The solutions PLM must define completely all the aspects of the list of materials (LDM) of the product, included the files of mechanical and electrical design (MCAD, ECAD), software, documentation and information of service. PLM allows the definition and synchronization of interfunctional conference of the LDM: engineering (LDM of engineering), mechanized (LDM of manufacture) and service (LDM of service).


The areas in which PLM can offer the maximum improvement in the management of:

Global development of the products.

  • To provide the only origin of the truth for all the information related to the products.
  • To allow the rapid and sure collaboration between global sites and partners of the chain of supply.
  • To share the collective knowledge and the experience of the company.

Management of the quality of the products.

  • To establish an authorized origin of the quality.
  • To connect the quality, the risk and the plans of validation in the whole organization.
  • To re-use the conclusions to close the circle of the qualit problems.
  • Design of the platforms of products like a collection of reusable modules.
  • Validation of the platforms of products and clients’ specific configurations.
  • Spread of information of configuration to create plans of mechanized and service.

Management of programs and the portfolios:

  • Capture of the opinion of the client to establish requirements of success.
  • Possibility that the persons in charge of programs supervise the progress and the constant performance.
  • Contribution of knowledge to orientate the investments in products and programs of success of the portfolio.

To implement in the company PLM’s solution is in the habit of being a complex long-term program with several participants and extensive requirements of changes in processes and technology. To minimize the risk and to accelerate the obtaining of value, the companies with more success pay particular attention to four crucial factors in planning, implementation and adoption.

Investment in planning and alignment initials concerning detailed routes of implementation and cards of punctuation that help to assure the responsibility of the programs to obtain managerial value, not only technical improvements.

Definition of priorities for the improvement and standardization of the processes of business and, later, search of presentations of software that support the process change. The process gives the orders and the technology follows him.

To resist to the customization of the software to keep the costs controlled and to preserve the flexibility with a view to the growth and future change.

Approach strategic and based on roles of the learning and the adoption of the new processes and tools, included the communication continues on the value of the change and the programs personalized for persons and workgroups with different roles and responsibilities.

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