IoT’s impact in the manufacture

The quantity of things connected to Internet overcomes already the number of inhabitants of the planet and we go way of having up to 50.000 million devices connected at the end of decade. For the manufacturers, the implications of emergent ” Internet of the things ” are enormous.

According to McKinsey Global’s recent report Institute, Internet of the things (IoT) has the potential of liberating up to 6,2 trillions of dollars in the year 2025. The company foresees that between 80 % and 100 % of all the manufacturers there will use applications IoT for this date, with an economic potential impact of 2,3 trillions of dollars only for the sector of the global manufacture. The Internet summit of the things has come stimulated by the convergence of the forces of the market and the parallel innovation of the technologies habilitadoras.

To capture this great big wave of opportunity to create value, The manufacturers have the opportunity and the need to restate almost everything, from how they believe the products up to how they work and are repaired. Only this way they will not put in danger his competitive current advantage.

IoT is formed by three basic components:

  • A mix of intelligent and connected products, systems of products and other “things”.
  • These “things” are connected across one infrastructures of communication similar to Internet.
  • The infrastructures of communication are connected to IT infrastructures that are creating new forms of value.

Products intelligent and connected in Internet of the things

The phrase “ Internet of the thingshas arisen to describe this increasing number of products connected to Internet and reflects the new opportunities that they represent. But this phrase does not serve to understand the phenomenon or his implications. What does that this is a transformer is not Internet, but the changeable nature of the “things”, the own products. They are the new capacities of the intelligent and connected products, and the information that they generate, which opens the door to a new age of competition.

As the own network Internet, the intelligent and connected products are creating a totally new set of technological possibilities. But the rules of the competition and the competitive advantage continue being the same. The exploration of the world of the intelligent and connected products will need more than never the knowledge of these rules.

Transformation of the business with intelligent and connected products

We live in an intelligent and connected world. The quantity of devices connected to Internet overcomes already the total number of human beings that we live the planet. In this new world, all kinds of sensors, labels and controls will form a part of the manufacturing process and of the intelligent products that the manufacturers provide.

For the manufacturing companies, the implications are enormous. Historically, they have lost the control of his product as soon as it goes out of the factory. With the intelligent and connected products, the manufacturers can experience an authentic management of the life cycle of the product in closed curl, in which they can continue, manage and control the information of the product in any phase of the life cycle, at any time and in any place of the world.

This will allow the manufacturers:

  • To accelerate the innovation in intelligent products.
  • To extend the capacities of the own product and associate.
  • To provide new value by means of services integrated during the whole life cycle.

To take advantage of this opportunity, the manufacturers must evaluate the strategy of his company in all the aspects, from the product design up to the supply, the production, the sales and the service. The manufacturers must be able to compile safely and answer to the information of clients, suppliers and, now, the own products. In the long term, this information will need the development of analytical advanced presentations. The most immediate need will be of systems that support the remote supervision, operation and optimization of the product.

To approach these challenges, PTC use platform ThingWorx, which allows the rapid development of applications that connect of sure form the manufacturers with his factories, products and environments of after-sales service. These applications allow to the user to understand and to manage easily the performance and the information of use of the intelligent products to contribute to the constant development of products, guarantee of quality and management of service, which generates major value for the manufacturer and his clients.

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