Industry 4.0

The Industry 4.0 is the result of what we name the Fourth Industrial Revolution provoked by nine technologies: Simulation, Increased Reality, Internet of Things, Impression 3D or Manufacture Aditiva, autonomous Robots, Big Data and analytical global, system Cloud or cloud, the Cybersafety and the Integración of the horizontal and vertical system. These technologies allow the union of the physical world with the foxglove changing completely the industrial current panorama.

The jump of paradigm of the manufacturing processes and of management of the chain of value is so significant that it does that the Industry 4.0 considers to be a new industrial revolution at the level of the previous ones. This great change supposes a great challenge for the industrial companies that they must adapt to this new situation to continue being competitive. These companies must be rapid in the adoption of the technologies of the Industry 4.0 since, not only they compete against his traditional competition but already there exist industrial companies that they are born in these environment and that, still being smaller, are better prepared to confront the future. As soon as the companies overcome this challenge and adapt to the new environment they obtain his reward in the shape of benefits and a great competitive advantage. In this career for the innovation it does not gain the biggest, but the most rapid.

 One of the central technologies that allow the appearance of the Industry 4.0 is Internet of Things (IoT) or Internet of the Things, which provides to the devices of capacities of connectivity across the incorporation of sensors. These devices can connect between them and in turn with his manufacturers to share the information that they perceive across his own sensors since can be dampness, temperature or blood pressure according to the device about which it treats itself.


To achieve that any system works, it is necessary to have an infrastructure of powerful communication, a protocol of connectivity between machines and applications Cloud to do receipt of the information. Systems will be needed also of analytical from information to be able to turn the enormous quantity of compatible information into information of value and reusable for the companies.

These capacities of connectivity turn the products in intelligent and connected, also so called Smart Connected Products, and can be applied both to the products of consumption and to the industrial machinery that it converts to the factories into Smart Factories. This allows that the machines should communicate between them and with the operatives, creating an environment of joint work between human beings and machines. Thus, the machines can realize a preventive maintenance and bring incidents before they happen being based on bosses.

In case of the manufacturers of Smart Connected Products of consumption they will be able to send information on his use and performance, allowing them to know information till now unattainable. In these new products the software gains protagonism. For the users he will suppose the possibility of personalizing the functions, the performance, and the user’s interface according to his needs. The possibility of the devices of interacting between them bearing in mind the environment in which they are he will suppose a great improvement of performance in his work and an increase of his efficiency.


In Integral Innovation Experts we are specialists in all the areas ofIndustria 4.0 Across our extensive portfolio of solutions and know-how Obtained across our more than 25 years on the market.

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