Industrial Sector

Big designs for big machines

The industrial current products expire with requirements increasingly high:

  • They incorporate more contained of high technology with electronics and software.
  • They must cover the demands of operative diverse conditions on geographically dispersed markets.
  • They must be optimized in order that the operative costs of the life cycle could face to the emergent competition.
  • They must fulfill local regulations on the above mentioned markets, be “ecological” and have the maximum possible quality.

But to give service in the System of Development of Products (PDS), we offer complete solutions in all the phases of the development of products that they will allow him:

  • To implement a qualit system in curl closed to deliver a product of high quality, sure and trustworthy.
  • To optimize the resources for the global development of products between continents, equipments and disciplines.
  • To manage the proliferation of mechatronics and software integrated between several disciplines of engineering.
  • To implement the development of ecological products and manages the performance of the product to fulfill the regulation, the legislation and the demands of the market.
  • To enable the design in context in a heterogeneous environment to design complex products with more variants using diverse tools.
  • To improve the operations after-sales with solutions of service to generate income, benefits and loyalty of the clients.

The summit of the products intelligent and connected in Internet of the Things (IoT)

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