Forget infrastructures and copies, benefit from the cloud and support the documentation of his organization to good collection

What is G2L CaptureData?

It is an application multidevice that allows to capture information so much of the interior of the factory as of the works realized externally, generating documents automatically. In addition it can initiate flows of work to share documents with collaborators and information with other applications.

What is GladToLink?

Besides a web platform that CaptureData allows to form G2L, GladToLink is a documentary manager and of flows of work.

Efficient and flexible search based on labels find it more rapid!

Audit and traceability of all the operations realized on any document

Storage of the documents in servants Microsoft

Functions of compartición and collaborations on processes and documents

An alone application for many processes

In GladToLink there can be created all the processes necessary for the app. It is formed easily to obtain the information of the orders of manufacture, needs of materials, records of quality, ideas for the innovation. It obtains automáticamante geoposición, photos, videoes, reads codes of bar and QR. There is no limit in the quantity of functions that can be added to G2L Capture Byline.

gladtolink-una aplicacion muchos procesos-1

An alone application for many processes G2L CaptureData: A ” different application for every user’s profile “

Form the app for every user’s profile, this way every employee will see only his processes. Adapt every application to the needs of every user.

gladtolink-para cada usuario-1


Programmes and modifies the application of a rapid and easy way. The app will adapt to the evolution of the industrial processes and to new needs simply modifying his configuration in, as if it was possible to programme and modify it easily from the mariner it.


Unsurpassable relation quality – price

On having treated itself about an alone service is paid what is used. In addition in GladToLink there are no costs of infrastructure, management or maintenance. Thought in order that his economic impact is perfectly asumible for any type of company.

glattolink-calidad precio copia

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