In Integral PLM Experts we take responsibility of the above mentioned functions while you devote yourself to the “Core Business” of his business. His company can use our material and human resources as if they were own, extending it without need to invest in technical means, infrastructure, time and effort in the search of resources.

The activities of outsourcing that we offer go to the area of industrial delineation, technical illustrations, shaped for manufacture in 3D and directed formation. Our aim is to improve the quality and the costs of the activities of the companies, collaborating with them in all the phases of product development, assuring his quality and the fulfillment of the calendar of production.

The link formed between Integral PLM Experts and the company allows that the client, from his facilities, should control the inputs and outputs of the service that we offer to him from our offices. The possibility of displacement exists if client wants to support his activities inside his enclosure of work.


We have own facilities and workers highly qualified to develop specific tasks.


Benefits and advantages:

  • To accede to technology top CAD CAM CAE for a low cost.
  • Redireccionar resources towards the key activities of the business.
  • To accede to the capacities and procedures of the suppliers and / or clients who use other systems CAD.
  • Cost control of operation and fixed costs presupuestables related to the maintenance and imposed on the assets.
  • Reduction of risks, of future investments in personnel, formations, tasks and realized functions.
  • It improves in the quality and in the time of development of products.

What do we offer him?

Product design:

  • I design and shaped three-dimensional CAD.
  • Visualization fotorealística.
  • Generation of planes and drawings CAD.
  • Animation of assemble and mechanisms.
  • Reverse engineering
  • Shaped in advanced surfaces (ISDX).

Une ingénierie de produit

  • Cinematic and dynamic analysis of mechanisms.

Engineering of mechanized

  • Production of programs CNC.

Conversion of files CAD

  • Formats STEP ISO 10303, VDAF, IGES, Acis, STL, DXF.
  • Model conversion CAD 2D-3D-2D.

Training technology CAD

  • Permanent training in applications CAD/CAE/CAM.

Externalize his work without losing the control of the same one

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