Electronics and Alta Tecnología

Solutions of design and development of products

Our solutions for the industry of the electronics and the high technology are designed to give response to the needs of the life cycle both of the product and of the applications and of the service of the electronic manufacturers and include the process of product development and the management of information, the electronic check and collaboration, regulation of environmental protection (RoHS, WEEE, etc.) and I design 3D.

The increasing pace of changes in the sector of electronic and high this technology stimulated for:

  • The managerial alignment to approach the vast potential of the global markets.
  • The need to innovate to survive on a market increasingly complex and disruptively.
  • The challenges of the digital convergence.
  • The requirements and the demand of the consumer. The client wants updated and totally personalized products.

In response to these trends, Alta Tecnología’s companies are acting with the following initiatives:

  • Optimization of resources: the business of high technology must optimize the resources for the global development of products between equipments and disciplines of several countries, to attend of effective form to the global markets and the global operations.
  • Management of requirements in a global context: in a dynamic world with diversity of regulations and legislation, all the members of the equipment must be in the day of the constant changes in the requirements of the clients.
  • Imperative of innovation: the strategies to generate innovation with major presentations of the product and more intelligent products determine that software is in use more in the products, but many companies experience problems of quality and delays in the period in the development of products.
  • Cost containment: the strategic decisions of the chain of supply with the development of products must line up, the decisions in the initial stages can concern up to 80 % of the cost of the product.
  • Approach in the client: to increase the satisfaction of the client and to reduce the costs of guarantee with solutions of service to stimulate the income, the benefits and the loyalty of the clients.

In Integral Innovation Experts offer the best solutions of design and development of products to adapt more rapidly to the requirements of the market and to control the whole life cycle. 

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