Creation and Publication of documents

The dynamic capacities of publication allow to optimize the form in which he believes himself, it is managed and the technical information is published, that is to say they have specific functionalities of agreement to his role:

The technical Illustrators will be able to create illustrations and animations 2D or 3D from the beginning or from systems CAD 2D and 3D original. To support the asociatividad between the illustrations and the animations, and the information CAD to automate the process of update when the designs of engineering change during the life cycle of the product. Both better solutions that they adapt to these profiles are: PTC Creo Illustrate and PTC Arbortext Isodraw.

  • PTC Creo Illustrate it will allow him to create effective technical illustrations 3D. It combines the presentations of illustration 3D with information associative CAD and offers graphical specific information of the configuration (information that reflects the current design of the product) to use, to repair and to support the products. It allows to the users to create technical illustrations 3D that describe with clarity products and complex procedures.
  • PTC Arbortext Isodraw allows the creation of technical illustrations 2D professionals. It provides intelligent graphs and technical illustrations 2D to optimize the information of product and service in the shape of instructions of assembly, catalogues of pieces, operator’s manuals and service and documents of formation. It allows to the users to automate the process of creation and update of technical illustrations of high quality from the beginning or from the systems CAD 2D and 3D original. In addition, it supports an associative link with the information CAD updated to automate the update of the illustrations when they change the designs of engineering during the life cycle of the product.

The persons in charge of publication will be able to use the only origin of information to control several versions of content of origin and finished publications. To manage easily assets of information, documentation and complex processes of publication.

  • PTC Windchill Service Information Manager offers to the manufacturers the possibility of organizing and managing content of service in the context of the structures of product (sight ” according to support “) and to facilitate the reutilization of content in all the product groups. The structures of information of service allow that the processes of management of changes and configurations should guarantee the precision and relevancy of the information.
  • The exclusive approach of the software centred on the management of information of service is the base to automate the diffusion of information of contextual service. For the publication of technical documents based on configuration, the structures of publication identify the ideal way in which it is necessary to to organize the information.

The directors of conformity will be able to insure of fulfilling the procedure S1000D across the processes of creation, management and publication using a solution totally integrated and optimized for the shared use of the information and the productivity of the users.

  • The software PTC Arbortext Common Source Database (CSDB) for S1000D provides management of technical content that supports the international specification S1000D for technical publications in the global sector of aeronautics and defense. It offers an environment dedicated to create and to manage standard content of text and graph during the whole life cycle of the technical information.
  • This software allows the rapid creation and the simultaneous management of managerial rules for several projects, management of all the aspects of modules of information and diffusion of technical information for impression and IETP’s electronic visualization. It is possible to change directly the purpose of the information managed for the management of content of learning compatible with SCORM and for the management of compatible supply with S2000M.
  • PTC Arbortext Provisioning Manager allows to create, to spread, to receive and to check initial information of supply. It is compatible with independent projects from supply and with the requirements of the chapter 1 of the specification S2000M for aeronautics and defense, and adapts the initial information of supply in order that the rules of business satisfy of one o more projects.

Later we detail more solutions that will allow him also the creation and publication of documents:

It allows the automatic publication of complex documents without sacrificing the quality. The best typographical presentations combined with powerful tools of automation allow to the users to create qualit exit DTP in a servant’s environment or office. The global support of languages allows the multilingual format from the only insole, which reduces the costs of production. The interactive adjustment allows to realize changes of content and aesthetic after the layout.

It provides tools of configuration, development and creation of prototypes to help the developers to create applications of PTC’s creation Arbortext. He supports his managerial exclusive requirements with a user’s graphical interface for the development and DTD’s maintenance (Definitions of Types of Documents) and schemes XML. Personalize the environment of creation with toolbars, integration of forms to capture information and alias of labels to admit applications into several languages.

It allows the creation of content structured with real time validation. The authors have the possibility of creating information centred on the product that allows the diffusion of information of product and service contextual and updated in the shape of interactive procedures of service, lists of illustrated pieces, operator’s manuals and service, and materials of formation of products. The users can create and edit sets and components of documents, and to implement procedure of publication as SECURITY, S1000D and DocBook.

It offers the efficiency to the developers of leaves of style of creating and supporting leaves of style based on XML for the publication automated without need of specialized skills of programming. The users can create the only origin of style with support for several types of exit. PTC Arbortext Publishing Engine uses the leaves of style to publish the content XML in HTML format, web pages, impression or PDF, EPUB, HTML Help and Microsoft Word.

It offers a complete solution that allows to rationalize the way in which his organization believes, manages and delivers the information of the product to request. And when it combines with the solution Windchill of PTC, Arbortext it offers the only solution of delivery of dynamic information of the sector that allows to associate the information of the product and of the service directly with sophisticated information of the product and to connect the information with the design of the real time product, which guarantees the precision and relevancy of the information with the task that is carried out in this moment.

It manages, build cross-references and there provides visibility of the whole content related to the products, which includes information MCAD and ECAD, documents and software. Improve the complexities of the development of products with an alone system that one entrusts of all the variations as a product advances for the life cycle, assure that all the levels of the organization are equipped to manage and to increase the quality of the product.

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