Collaboration and Project management

Stimulate his business with a sure platform of collaboration in products and service that joins with diverse systems.

The manufacturers manage the development of products in an environment increasingly distributed and offer in addition a global service for these products. But the development and the service of products in a global area is seen inhibido by the lack of a source of updated and trustworthy information in the company, by unlike systems that they do not communicate between yes and for the disability to protect and share the intellectual property. These challenges worsen for the low performance of the systems and for the lack of standardization of the processes and of the tools.


In the area of the processes of the products and services opportunities exist to implement a global sure collaboration. The transformations of these managerial key processes are in the habit of providing to the users a sure platform of collaboration of products and services that joins with numerous systems:

  • Project management: plan, execute, supervise and control works of development complexes and dependences between equipments of project, product and technology distributed globally.
  • Management of quality and reliability: carry out systematic processes of planning, forecast and simulation to guarantee that the designs fulfill the cost aims of the life cycle and reliability.
  • Management of changes and configurations: develop the products of a tidy way, from the concept up to the retreat.
  • Design of architecture of the system: develop the functional and physical architecture, the model of the product, the associate specifications and the derivative requirements.
  • Management of components and suppliers: give content to effective actions of selection, creation and incorporation of pieces and suppliers preferred during the process of development of products, included the management of the important associate characteristics.
  • Definition and management of requirements: transform the opinions of the clients into priority requirements, aims and restrictions, and establish a bidirectional link between the requirements, the documentation of analysis, the product designs, the LDM and the information of check.
  • Analysis and planning of support of products: realize an early analysis of capacity of support and obtain feedback to take advantage of the information of product design. Optimize of constant form the programs of service recommended depending on the forecast of reliability and the analysis of the historical performance of the product.

The project management is going to allow to plan him, to execute, works of development supervise and to control complexes and dependences between the equipments of project, product and technology distributed globally:

  • Programming and execution of the project plan: plan with the suitable level of necessary detail of programming to guarantee the fulfillment of the deliveries and the key milestones, simultaneously that reduces the unnecessary overload of follow-up and reports.
  • Control of the work and supervision of the progress: insure itself that the owners of activities and the assigned resources provide the suitable level of work and the reports of condition, so that the project managers could control and supervise the progress with regard to the programming without unnecessary overload.
  • Cost management of project resources: capture the necessary information on the work of the activity and the costs of the project to allow that the project managers should realize an effective follow-up of the expense of the project respect of the budget.
  • Supervision of the utilization of resources: control and supervise the utilization of resources of the project to identify overloads of resources and necks of bottle.
  • Supervision and project control of software: support the constant real time supervision of the progress of the projects of development of software as support of the correct launch of deliveries of software.
  • Supervision of the preparation of versions of software: improve the predictability of the versions of software providing metrics and summaries of condition on the functional ending of the appliances of software, the quality of the above mentioned appliances and the hanging problems.
  • Agile planning of versions of software: support the iterative and incremental update of the plans of software and the programming based on extraction from a tail with priority of elements of work.
  • Management of the risk and problems: capture systematicly the problems and the risks. Evaluate of constant form the impact and the probability of reporting with transparency and of taking decisions on the program with information of riesgosEl life cycle of development of products uses a variety of content of many different origins. One of the major problems which many manufacturers face is how to share and to use in an effective way the great volume of content of the digital product created during the process of development of products. I believe view design
  • Creo view ECAD
  • With the tools PTC I Believe of visualization and technical illustration 3D, everything the one that needs it can see, annotate, interact, collaborate and distribute all the forms of information of the digital product.

It provides an interactive tool designed specifically to improve the role of ” Verifier of design “, a crucial step in the process of development of products centred on the model.

He supports information of PCB of the principal tools EDA, as well as planes, images and documents of multitude of origins, without need of the application of native creation.

It allows to visualize products of rapid and simple form, and to obtain valuable information of engineering. PTC Creo View MCAD  supports information 3D of the principal tools MCAD, as well as planes, images and documents of multitude of origins, without need of the application of native creation.

It facilitates the visual collaboration for all the users. The users of marketing, executives and sales as well as other users who are not of engineering can obtain instantaneous access, with an alone pulsation, to advanced information of the digital product.

Instantly view 3D models of Creo View on your iPad or iPhone. This includes models developed in other CAD tools and then published in the PTC Creo View format.

It allows to the companies to simplify the processes of development of products and to provide physical goods and exceptional products of information.

Create an attractive place where the equipments of products take part in communities of products and professionals. On having taken advantage of the collective knowledge in the whole company, it will see how the decisions take of more rapid and effective form.

It offers to the companies the possibility of consolidating the information of PTC Windchill with system content ERP, financiers and other managerial applications in the only environment easy to use.

It manages, believe cross-references and there provides visibility of the whole content related to the products, which includes information MCAD and ECAD, documents and software. Improve the complexities of the development of products with an alone system that one entrusts of all the variations as a product advances for the life cycle, assure that all the levels of the organization are equipped to manage and to increase the quality of the product.

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