Ansys Discovery AIM
Predict the full performance of your products and save time and costs

Use Ansys Discovery AIM to make accurate decisions, reduce costly physical prototypes and avoid unfeasible designs

Solves complex multiphysics simulations with a single, simplified user interface

Ansys Discovery AIM is the first integrated multiphysics simulation environment that allows the development of a complete project, from design to simulation and analysis of the results. The software makes it possible for engineers, with basic and advanced knowledge, to solve the simplest and most complex problems involving different physics (structural analysis, fluid dynamics, thermal and electromagnetic properties). All through a modern, easy-to-use interface and interactive workflow.

Ansys Discovery AIM is an excellent choice of high productivity and low investment for companies that need to develop projects that require integrated analysis.


With Ansys Discovery AIM simulation technology, engineering teams will be able to exploit all their ideas with little time and effort.
Discover all of its capabilities below:

Geometry modeling

Discovery AIM integrates Ansys Discovery SpaceClaim technology to provide the best geometry modeling tools in the industry. You will be able to quickly create, edit and repair geometry and evaluate design changes.

Tested simulation

Discovery AIM is ideal for all stages of initial simulation (model setup, mixing and physics solution) enabling reliable and accurate fluid, structural, thermal, electromagnetic and multiphysics simulations.

Design optimization

You can automatically optimize your projects by varying CAD parameters, material properties, boundary conditions and simulation results and evaluate multiple variations.


You can record, customize and replay the simulation that can be used as a basis for a reusable model. Also, customized objects and physical loads can be used to adapt the simulation definition to specific processes.

Interoperability for collaboration

This tool brings Ansys SOLVER technology to design through easy-to-use guided workflows that will help you overcome the challenges that stand in the way of your design using AIM model data.


Digitally explore design concepts and test different options early in the product lifecycle. Gain insights to make accurate decisions, reduce costly physical prototypes and avoid unfeasible designs.


Ansys Discovery AIM seamlessly integrates design and simulation, helping to exploit ideas and concepts in greater depth with a single platform for product development. Find out more through the videos below.

Integral Innovation Experts is a representative of ESSS Iberia, ANSYS Elite Channel Partner, a certification granted to a few of its more than 80 distributors. In addition to marketing the complete ANSYS software portfolio for the region, ESSS also offers technical support, simulation consulting and software development and customization.

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Discovery Live

Achieve more design iterations in a short period of time, perform feasibility studies of new concepts and bring your products to market faster

Ansys Discovery Live offers instant 3-D simulation, tightly coupled with direct geometry modeling, to enable interactive design exploration and rapid product innovation.

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